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Master's Degree Program

Program: Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship

Whether you seek to manage a complex learning organization or team, launch an entrepreneurial venture, or drive an initiative that sparks new possibilities within an existing school, district, network, or the field, the Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship (ELOE) Program will help you become an effective, strategic, equity-focused and innovative leader. Our program prepares you with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead with impact in diverse roles, including preK–12, higher education, the nonprofit sector, government, and philanthropy.  With an emphasis on change management, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures this program equips you to envision, enact, scale, and transform.

“So many people hear the word ‘organization’ and think ‘business.’ But students who want to improve education and become education leaders — either at the school level, state level, or national level —  have to understand how schools and the field work. Being able to recognize the importance of organizational dynamics, the role of leaders, and the potential impact of entrepreneurship, is critical, and these concepts are at the heart of our program.”

Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell, Faculty Co-Chair

After completing the ELOE Program, you will have a deeper understanding of the following competencies that explore how to:

  • Lead change and think strategically to achieve your organization’s vision and generate results
  • Foster productive organizations and organizing conditions through the design of work practices, routines, systems, and structures  
  • Navigate the political landscape and practice political inclusion to advance an excellence and equity agenda
  • Communicate effectively through various channels to engage people from across cultures, backgrounds, and languages
  • Develop self and others for the purpose of empowerment, resiliency, integrity, and growth

Curriculum Information

In addition to a diverse set of courses supporting students’ mastery of the ELOE competencies, the ELOE Program Core Experience helps you learn, practice, and fine tune the skills needed for professional leadership and entrepreneurial roles. The purpose of the ELOE Core Experience, which is really a set of experiences throughout the year, is to create a programmatic space and learning community that:  

  • Supports students as they self-assess, reflecting on and exploring their own leadership strengths and areas of growth in relation to the program’s core competencies
  • Ensures that every student sets personal learning goals and monitors progress toward their goals with an eye toward strengthening specific knowledge, mindsets, and skills based on their self-assessment
  • Propels personal learning and reflection through shared experiences that support integration and application of learning across coursework
  • Positions and transitions students for impact after graduation

Program Faculty

HGSE consists of a faculty of the whole, and students can work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty co-chairs for Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship are below. View our faculty directory for a full list of HGSE faculty.

Career Pathways

The ELOE Program prepares you for a variety of career pathways, including:

  • Education nonprofit CEO/COO
  • Entrepreneur/organization founder
  • College or university administrator
  • Principal or head of school
  • School district or network leader
  • School designer and developer
  • Educational advocate and organizer
  • Public official or administrator
  • Education consultant


Today’s complex education landscape calls for innovative leaders who not only have the ability to design a vision for their learning context, but also deliver it so it becomes a reality. Our Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship Program will provide the skills, knowledge, and positions you need to make a transformative impact. Here are profiles of several recent graduates who have studied education leadership:

Mandy Stein

An Investment in Community

By improving children's access to education in Tanzania, master's candidate Mandy Stein's nonprofit is supporting the growth of a community.

Mark Dennis

Community Matters

Community colleges hold a lot of untapped potential, says master's candidate Mark Dennis — especially for underserved communities.

Cohort and Community

The ELOE experience is not only about strengthening knowledge, skills and dispositions but also about building a community of colleagues who can provide support during the program and for years afterwards as you work together to transform the field. The ELOE Program purposefully works to honor and build on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students — from countries and regions around the world – by providing a varied set of cohort-based, community-building experiences. The aim of these experiences is to build a network of current students and future alumni united by a shared commitment to leading for excellence, equity, and impact in the field of education. 

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