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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.


Stay Connected

Below are a few ways to continue your relationship with HGSE by staying connected, networking, and engaging with the HGSE community.

Alumni.Harvard Website

Access the Alumni Directory and update your contact information. Register here, or look up your user ID and password. If you are still experiencing trouble with, you can visit the Alumni.Harvard Help page, or call 617-496-0559.

Network Online

Follow HGSE on Facebook, HGSE Alumni on Twitter and Instagram, and join the HGSE Alumni group on LinkedIn. Even if you update your profile in LinkedIn, please be sure to keep your Alumni.Harvard information up to date. This will enable you to receive event invitations, publications, and stay connected with HGSE.

Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative (SAMI)

The Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative strives to accomplish varying goals related to the establishment of mutually beneficial mentoring relationships among participants. The program pairs current HGSE students with alumni during the academic year and the Alumni Relations office facilitates events and communications for SAMI participants to help make the matches a meaningful experience for both parties.

Alumni Advocates

Alumni Advocates are passionate members of the HGSE community focused on connecting alumni with each other and with HGSE in meaningful ways. Advocates support alumni engagement activities in five main areas: 

  • Social Media 
  • Global Day of Service 
  • Large Event Support 
  • Hosting Small events 
  • Annual Fund 

If you are interested in learning more and potentially becoming a part of the Alumni Advocates program, please complete the application or email Dia Combas with any questions. 

Alumni Referrals to HGSE

Do you know of an excellent candidate to apply to HGSE? Use this quick, easy Refer a Candidate form to recommend potential students to our Admissions Office.

Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program

Alumni play a critical role in HGSE recruitment efforts by identifying prospective candidates and sharing their experiences and insights. If you are interested in getting involved in outreach, the Admissions Office invites you to volunteer for the Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program (AAAP).

Please contact Christine Lombardi, Assistant Director of Admissions, for more information.

Host an HGSE Student Intern

Hiring an intern can be a great way to connect with students and HGSE. The Applied Learning Internship is a unique for-credit internship program that will give you the opportunity to mentor a student, reconnect with current research and theory, and bring new ideas and experience to your organization.  The HGSE Career Services site has information available on how to hire an internpost an internship, and participate in our Internship Expos and Fairs.

Become an i-Lab Advisor

Are you an alum with start-up experience? Industry expertise? The Harvard Innovation Lab invites you to share your knowledge with Harvard i-lab student entrepreneurs by joining our virtual Advisor Network.

Learn more and apply. Questions? Contact