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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.

The Principals' Network

A new initiative from The Principals’ Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) designed to create a professional learning network for K-12 school leaders.

"Being a principal can be a lonely job, especially when things are not going well or feel impossible. You have to have someone that, without explanation, understands the responsibilities, challenges, and nuances of what you're experiencing. And who can offer you ideas, affirmation, and the support of someone who's in the same boat."

–  Meredith Morrison, HGSE Ed.M '15, former high school principal, and co-creator of The Principals' Network

Our Mission

The Principals’ Network provides school leaders with a robust, online professional learning network through which they can share and access resources, offer and receive feedback, and maintain an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship with HGSE. This network is thoughtfully designed to support principals as they lead their schools all over the world.

Specifically, members will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn anywhere at any time in an accessible and highly-interactive online platform
  • Engage and connect with school leaders around the world
  • Access curated resources, research, and exclusive pop-up events
  • Discuss current trends and challenges in affinity groups and topic-specific discussion boards and forums

Network Benefits

In addition to asynchronous access to school leader-specific content, resources, professional learning, and research, The Principals’ Network members will experience meaningful opportunities aimed to engage members as learners, experts, and champions.

  • Participate in pilot learning opportunities and provide HGSE with feedback to inform future developments
  • Engage in focus groups or think tanks to influence the content on the network
  • Apply to become a network facilitator and expand access to synchronous learning opportunities
  • Share and upload original resources to build a collective library for school leaders
  • Serve as a practitioner expert on a panel discussion, webinar, or interview
  • Support the development of new, relevant, and timely case studies
  • Influence future programming, opportunities, and content on the network through semi-regular needs assessment surveys
  • Celebrate the impact of others and nominate a fellow educator for his/her work in the field of education
  • Attend community-building events, such as career networking, storytelling workshops and slams

Who Should Join

The Principals’ Network is a space designed specifically for K-12 school leaders who are responsible for the overall school culture, curriculum, instruction, and achievement. Titles may include:

  • Principals
  • Heads of school
  • Assistant principals
  • Deans
  • Directors of curriculum/instruction

*If you do not meet these criteria and are interested in joining, please contact us with more information.

Network Details

As principals navigate the various implications of the pandemic on their resources, budgets, and school community, we want membership in The Principals' Network to be first and foremost a support to your leadership. During this phase of the COVID-19 crisis, access to The Principals’ Network will be offered initially without a membership fee to all eligible individuals continuing through the end of 2020. Our ability to do this is made possible through the generous support of the Dean’s Office at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

"As a former principal and superintendent, I had the privilege of working with scores of principals. I know firsthand how exciting and energizing it is to be part of a professional learning community. The Principals’ Network will be a space for professional learning for public, charter, independent, and faith-based school leaders from around the world, a place where they can talk, learn, share ideas, problem-solve, and celebrate the work of leading excellent schools that serve all children well."

– Mary Grassa O'Neill, senior lecturer on education and faculty director of the School Leadership Program

The Principals’ Network is an initiative of The Principals’ Center, the nation's first center dedicated to the support and development of principals and other school leaders. For nearly 40 years, we have served thousands of school leaders around the world through transformative professional learning opportunities. Learn more about The Principals’ Center history.