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Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL) FAQs

Format and Sequencing

What is the format and what work is involved in this certificate program?
CEEL takes place exclusively online and offers participants a flexible and job-embedded learning experience. The CEEL Portfolio is comprised of the following three series:

Each of the three series includes four instructional Learn modules that build participants’ core knowledge in key areas, including early learning and development, adult learning, and leadership and management. The fifth module is a Plan and Apply module designed to support participants as they map key learnings and to create and implement a plan tailored to their site and work.

Registration is available on our CEEL Registration Gateway at the module-level within each series; those who complete all modules across the three series will earn the Certificate in Early Education Leadership.  

Each Learn module is three weeks and will require approximately 10 hours of work. The Plan and Apply module runs for four weeks and requires approximately 15 hours of work. To receive more information and updates, please click here.

Do I need to take the three series in a specific order?
CEEL is designed to support flexibility; you can begin with any series and complete them in any order. Participants pursuing the full certificate must complete all three series in their entirety.

Do I need to take modules within a series in a specific order?
Participants can begin with any Learn module and complete them in any order. We strongly recommend that participants complete all four of the Learn modules in a Series (A through D) before they take the Plan and Apply module within that series. At the very least, participants should have taken two out of the A through D modules before taking the Plan and Apply module.

If I am already enrolled in one of the CEEL Learn modules, do I need to register again to enroll in the next module?
Yes, participants must register in each module. Registration is available through our CEEL Registration Gateway.

How long does it take to complete the Certificate in Early Education Leadership?
Depending on when you begin your participation and how many modules take at the same time, it can take you between 5 and 18 months for participants to earn the full certificate. Our recommendation is that participants take one module at the time, which would take approximately 18 months to complete.  

What is the cost of the program?
Each CEEL module is $199. When you register for the first four modules (Learn modules A, B, C, and D) of the same Series, the fifth module (the Plan and Apply module) will be 50% off. This means that the total cost of the entire certificate is $2,686.50.

Is financial aid available for this program?
Financial aid is not available for this program.

Are there on-campus or in-residence opportunities for participants enrolled in CEEL?
CEEL is offered as an exclusively online program and currently does not involve any on-campus participation. However, the Zaentz Professional Learning Academy also offers a variety of in-person institutes. Click here for more information. 

Can teams/groups register in this program? Is there a discount for teams/groups?
We encourage participation from both individuals and teams/groups in all of our professional learning institutes. Professional learning can be very impactful when teams engage in learning together.

In support of team/group participation, we offer special pricing for districts or networks registering groups of ten or more looking for large-scale professional development opportunities. Click here to get in touch with our admissions team and learn about our special CEEL group rates.

Certificate in Early Education Leadership (CEEL) Credential Questions

What will I receive upon completion of each module?
Upon successful completion of an individual Learn module, participants will receive documentation of participation as well as a letter confirming clock hours awarded (10 hours). Upon successful completion of the Plan and Apply module, participants will receive documentation of participation as well as a letter confirming clock hours awarded (15 hours).

What is the certificate that I will receive upon completion of all three series?
Participants who successfully complete all modules within the three CEEL series — Leading for Early Learning and Development, Rethinking Leadership in Early Education, and Supporting Optimal Teaching and Learning Environments — will receive the Certificate in Early Education Leadership.