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Project Zero

Project Zero
13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall,4th Fl
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Kate Abramowitz Research Assistant II Longfellow 4th Floor
Sarah Alvord Sr. Manager of Special Projects Longfellow 404B 617.495.7576
Lynn Barendsen Project Director Longfellow 414B 617.496.9979
Marga Biller Senior Project Manager Longfellow 411 617.496.4167
Courtney Bither Staff Assistant III Longfellow 236 617.495.4340
Sophia Tess Blumert Research Assistant III Longfellow 416 617.496.9971
Tina Blythe Project Director; Lecturer on Education Longfellow 406C
Veronica Boix Mansilla Research Associate Longfellow 434 617.496.6949
Edward Peter Clapp Project Director Longfellow 406C 617.496.3859
Shelby Clark Sr. Research Manager Longfellow 232/ Fl 5
Megan Maria Cuzzolino Senior Project Manager Longfellow 420
Elizabeth Dawes Duraisingh Research Associate I Longfellow 433 617.495.3081
Wendy Fischman Project Manager Longfellow 234 617.496.9978
Adriana Garcia Nunez Research Assistant III Non-Lab
Becky Harmon Communications Coordinator
Faith Harvey Director of Administration Longfellow 428 617.495.3073
Lindsey Hicks PZ CEL, Practitioner Specialist Longfellow
Carrie James Research Associate; Lecturer on Education Longfellow 413 617.496.9970
Mara Krechevsky Research Director Longfellow 414 617.496.6954
Lisa Kwan Senior Research Manager Longfellow 411
Yvonne Liu-Constant Pedagogy of Play: Practitioner Specialist Longfellow 4th Floor
Benjamin Mardell Project Director Longfellow 405
Brooke Martin Learning and Outreach Assistant 124 Mount Auburn Street
Kirsten McHugh Project Manager Longfellow 234B 617.496.4941
Seana Michelle Moran PZ CEL Sr. Project Manager Longfellow
Daniel Mucinskas Good Project, Project Manager Longfellow 236 617.496.4652
Margaret Mullen Financial Coordinator Longfellow 435 617.496.9980
Amanda Nourse Staff Assistant- LILA Project Longfellow 411 617.496.9976
Jordy Oakland Executive Assistant Longfellow 435 617.496.6955
Jeffrey Robinson Research Assistant III Longfellow 416 617.495.4127
Jennifer Oxman Ryan Project Manager Longfellow 405 617.495.5065
Andrea Rose Sachdeva Senior Research Project Manager Longfellow 406 617.496.6781
Sarah Sheya Project Manager Longfellow 401B 617.496.3746
Megan Siwek Project Assistant Longfellow
Lynneth Solis Research Director
Shari Tishman Sr. Research Associate Longfellow 415 617.496.9963
Emily Vallillo Research Assistant III Non-Lab Longfellow
Julia Wareham Research Assistant III Longfellow
Emily Weinstein Research Director Longfellow
Daniel Wilson Director, Project Zero; Lecturer on Education Longfellow 403 617.496.6945
Devon J Wilson ID Global Project Manager Longfellow 434 805.242.2405