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Master's Degree Program

Concentration: Global, International, and Comparative Education

Personalize your HGSE Ed.M. program by choosing a concentration in Global, International, and Comparative Education.

The Global, International, and Comparative Education (GICE) Concentration reflects our HGSE mission of changing the world through education and embodies our faculty’s lasting commitment to prepare students like you for work in education in low- and middle-income countries, with a focus on marginalized learners. You also will gain experience addressing inequalities in school success and future opportunities and will become part of a diverse intellectual community that transforms education by examining the power of global and comparative learning. This concentration enables you to participate in core courses and a small group advisory, which will help you build a strong knowledge base in international and comparative education. You also will have opportunities to participate in collaborative field- or simulation-based experiences. This concentration, combined with your chosen program and our faculty’s expertise and strong global connections, will prepare you for a career in education policy, teaching, or organizational leadership at government, civil society and international development agencies, and research institutes.

“A key part of the work we do at HGSE is to explore, understand, and expand education on a global scale. As educators, we must study and shape this emerging field of global education — making sure it is well grounded in the best knowledge about how different countries approach teaching and learning and how they address youth and child development. Not only can we learn from these comparisons, but also they help us begin to improve the lives of learners around the world.”

Fernando Reimers, Faculty Co-Chair

Concentration Co-Chairs

Students will work closely with faculty associated with their area of study, but students can also work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty co-chairs for Global, International, and Comparative Education are below. View our faculty directory for a full list of HGSE faculty.

Cohort and Community

You will be joined in your concentration by a group of diverse professionals with backgrounds in global and comparative teaching, research, and policymaking. Outside of class, you and your GICE cohort will participate in workshops, seminars, and talks that will enrich the overall learning experience. You will find the learning community to be inspiring, as it provides a space for collective thinking and action, both during the master’s year and as you establish and grow your career. 

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