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Professional Development for Education Organizations

Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) collaborates with a wide range of organizations in the education sector. Our programs are designed to help you build a change-ready culture to deliver maximum impact on your organization. Working in consultation with our expert faculty and practitioners, we serve as a strategic thought-partner for your transformation journey and deliver a tailored professional development plan that fits your needs and goals through custom-built professional development engagements, a robust set of open-enrollment programs, or a mix of both. We offer professional development programs designed for a variety of educational contexts and roles across early education, K–12, and higher education sectors and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on a world-class learning experience for your educators.

Professional Development For Groups and Teams

Educators benefit from opportunities to work together, sharing their ideas, testing hypotheses, and supporting one another’s learning. Enrolling a group of educators or a team from your organization in the same program(s) as part of your organizational strategic plan can have a transformative impact on the long-term success of your organization. Through needs assessment and joint planning, HGSE Professional Education is a thought partner and resource for education institutions in supporting their ongoing efforts for improving opportunities and outcomes for stakeholders.

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Custom Programs

Our team collaborates with your organization to co-create learning experiences directly linked to your unique problems of practice and deliver them through a range of virtual, blended, and in-person formats. With a curriculum tailored to your needs, we aim to support your most pressing professional learning goals at the most convenient time and location and in the most effective format.

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Other Collaborations

Professional Education also joins forces with other types of organizations. We form learning alliances with professional organizations such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and National Partnership for Education Access (NPEA) to support their constituents. We collaborate with Harvard Clubs, foundations, donors, and other organizations to develop meaningful professional learning initiatives to support and advance their mission in serving educators and under-served communities. 

Why Collaborate With Us?


Transformative Adult Learning Experiences

We aim to transform the way educators approach and solve problems, so they develop the skills and mindsets needed to learn and teach in a changing world.

Renowned Faculty

Our HGSE faculty bring their research and years of experience in the field to each program and consistently deliver results-oriented learning experiences designed to address the real-world challenges educators face. 

Cutting Edge Teaching Methodologies

We incorporate the latest understanding of effective teaching and learning into the design and delivery of every program, so our learners not only gain the strategies, tools, and insights to solve their most challenging problems, but also have the learner experience of an effective, inclusive learning environment.

Actionable Learning

Implementation of the course ideas in participants’ own settings is an integral component of all programs. Whether it is a curriculum unit, a change initiative, or a leadership framework, learners will develop actionable insights that can immediately be put into practice in their home contexts.

Global Community and Peer Feedback

Our programs draw people from around the world. Peer connection and feedback is an embedded component in many of our programs. Participants’ learning is enriched by being exposed to discussions and dialogues with educators from a wide range of contexts and cultures.

Shared Understanding and Frameworks

Participants engage in a shared and powerful learning experience with one another and with our faculty. They return speaking the same language and are better equipped to communicate new ideas within their organizations.