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PD for Groups and Teams of Educators

Transformative learning across your organization.


Groups and/or teams will engage in a shared and powerful learning experience with their colleagues, while also connecting to and learning from a vibrant community of educators from across the US and around the world. Our programs are designed to provide frameworks, strategies, and tools which are research-backed and immediately applicable to your learning contexts. Whether joining us for an intensive institute, multi-week workshop, or semester-long program — your group will return with an action plan, better able to communicate and collaborate, act decisively, and support one another in bringing transformational changes to the organization. 

Programs for Group Participation

Enroll a group of educators — large or small — into an open enrollment program for a shared learning experience. Most Professional Education programs allow for groups of educators to participate together. Through needs assessment and joint planning, HGSE Professional Education will partner with you to identify optimal learning pathways to support your ongoing efforts for improving opportunities and outcomes for stakeholders. As participants, your group of educators will be intentionally divided and distributed among the larger learning community to learn from and interact with other participants. Through this experience, your group has the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of practitioners in similar roles to consider alternative approaches to the work — while taking away common frameworks, theory, and shared language.

Programs with Team-Based Learning Design

Enroll a team of three to six participants from your education organization in a program specifically designed for team-based learning. These professional development experiences offer your team members an opportunity to work closely together on a specific problem of practice throughout the program. The content is designed specifically for such collaboration, whether that be through collective action planning, shared projects, or other activities. Your team will receive support from an expert facilitator.

Organizations can send one or multiple teams to each program: 

Team/Group Enrollment Process

Most of our programs support team/group enrollment and offer discounted tuition for teams or groups of ten or more participants. To enroll a cohort in one program, we ask you to assign one person to serve as the coordinator to submit a team form that includes participants’ basic information (name, email, job title). For registration-based programs, a group invoice will be generated, which includes tuition for all participants in the group. For application-based programs, coordinators may typically choose between group and individual invoicing.

For any questions regarding group enrollment, please submit a case, and a member of our Admissions Team will reach out to be of assistance.

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