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You may apply online from each program’s individual webpage. Each program has its own application requirements. 

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Individual Application Process
Most programs enroll via an application process. Each program has its own application questions and requirements. Please note that often an essay is required as part of the process. For further instruction and specific details on application materials, deadlines, and admission decisions visit the specific program webpage.

Team Application Process
Before beginning the application process, your team will need to identify a team coordinator. The coordinator will be the primary point of contact during the application process and preparation for the program. A list of required questions will be provided at the beginning of the team application. Please visit the specific program website for details about its application process.

With the exception of a few online programs, there are usually two parts to the team application process:

  1. A team application to be completed once by the coordinator.
  2. A team member application to be completed by each member of your team. Team members should only apply through the special link provided to them by their team coordinator.

Group Enrollment
If you are attending a program as part of a group, you will be asked to identify your group name during the application or registration process.

In order to help us best serve your group, please use the same GROUP NAME as your teammates, e.g. "Cambridge High School Group," or "Essex County Group," or "John Harvard's Cambridge Team."