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Spring 2021

David Wilson by Walter Smith

Photo: Walter Smith

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Back Story

A behind-the-scenes look at how our stories get made, featuring our writers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and designers.

"I drove alone to Baltimore for the shoot. Having an assistant wasn’t necessary, as I enjoy the old-school quality of doing it all by myself. Keeps you humble, or at least it does me. We tell stories, about children, jobs, history. Doing this kind of work is easy for me. It’s a conversation and my life is one big conversation. David was a very sweet and thoughtful man to photograph. The picture I wanted to take was one of our first hello on the sidewalk in front of the building. He was dressed in a dark sweater and jacket and was perfect. His gaze and confidence would have easily trumped his not being in a suit. There was an informal formality to him that I appreciated and looked to have in the photograph. Full of easy confidence. He spoke with Larry Jones from public relations (pictured) for most of our shoot. This always works for me because I can pick and choose what I’m looking for with the portrait."