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Winter 2020

HGSE students in 2019

HGSE students in 2019

Photos by Diana Levine

100 Reasons to Love the Ed School: A Special Centennial Issue

100 Years, 100 Reasons to Love the Ed School

A special centennial issue from Harvard Ed. magazine

This year, the Ed School is celebrating its 100th anniversary. We knew we were going to create a special theme issue to mark this major milestone, but the question was, how should we organize the information? A deep dive into just the school’s early history? A straightforward timeline approach? None of those options seemed like the right way to tell the story in a way that would capture not only the school’s beginnings, but also who we are now and who we hope to be in the future — and do it in a way that was fun. However, there was one word that kept coming back to us, a word that might seem odd for a magazine based at a graduate school, but in many ways, the word — love — makes sense. The foundation of everything that happens here is love — love for students, love for learning, love for teaching, love for doing good (and doing it well), love for Harvard, love for making a difference, love for wanting to do better, love for fighting wrongs and knowing we have something to say, and love for what we all know education can, and should, do for all kids around the world.

With this in mind, here is a PDF of the print version of Ed. magazine that includes our 100 reasons to love the Ed School now, as well as a few selected stories and "extras." Enjoy!

Our students have changed. A lot. (See above.) Last November, we invited three current master's students — Ashley Bazin (center), Avi Anshika (left), and Jiezhen Wu (right) — to spend a day dressed in the style of their predecessors from the original Ed School class of 1920 (pictured below).


HGSE's first classThe First HGSE Class, 2020


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