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Summer 2016



Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

In most organizations, argue Professor Robert Kegan and Lecturer Lisa Laskow Lahey, Ed.M.'80, Ed.D.'86, people are hiding — hiding their uncertainties and limitations. This prevents these people and the organizations they work for from reaching their full potential. In An Everyone Culture, the authors look at companies, what they call deliberately developmental organizations, which do everything in their power to help everyone come out of hiding and succeed.

Anita Wadhwa

As Anita Wadhwa, Ed.M.'09, Ed.D.'13, points out in her new book, schools are filled with conflict between students, between administrators and teachers, and between students and adults. And when this happens, unfortunately, students of color, especially black males, are more likely to be suspended or expelled. Using real-life stories, Wadha shows how educators can address disciplinary problems in a more constructive and less punitive way.

Eleanor Drago-Severson and Jessica Blum-DeStefano

We know that students need feedback from teachers in order to improve. So it shouldn't be a surprise that teachers also need feedback in order to get better at their jobs — and they do sometimes get it but often not in a way that is truly effective. In Tell Me So I Can Hear You, Eleanor Drago-Severson, Ed.M.'89, Ed.D.'96, and Jessica Blum-DeStefano show how leaders in education can differentiate feedback to meet people where they are — not just where they want them to be.

Chris Dede, Arthur Eisenkraft, Kim Frumin, and Alex Hartley

More and more, professional development for teachers can be done online, but not all of it is effective. How do teachers know what works and what doesn't? Professor Chris Dede, Kim Frumin, Ed.M.'01, Ed.M.'15, Ed.D.'19, and their co-authors examine a range of online and blended teacher development models, including MOOCs and video-based courses, and offer teachers practical advice and lessons learned.

Maya Thiagarajan

As a mom and teacher who has lived and worked in both the United States and Asia, Maya Thiagarajan, Ed.M.'01, has seen firsthand the differences in how families view childhood, parenting, and ultimately, education. There are strengths and weaknesses in the various philosophies, she writes, but in order to raise truly successful children in a global world, parents need to blend the best of both East and West. Beyond The Tiger Mom is filled with tips for parents, such as how to build a languagerich home and how to really get to know your child.

Full list of books featured in this issue:

An Empty Curriculum  Sandra Stotsky, C.A.S.’72, Ed.D.’76

An Everyone Culture  Professor Robert Kegan and Lecturer Lisa Laskow Lahey, Ed.M.’80, Ed.D.’86

Belonging and Becoming  Barbara Cervone, M.A.T.’71, Ed.D.’83

Beyond the Tiger Mom  Maya Thiagarajan, Ed.M.’01

Black Motherhood(s)  Karen Craddock, Ed.M.'90 (edited)

The Bus to Jerusalem  Shelly Rybak-Pearson, Ed.M.’75

End of Average  Lecturer Todd Rose, Ed.M.'01, Ed.D.'07

Happy in Spite of People  Ellen Castro, Ed.M.'88

Harvard Educational Review  Issues: Winter 2015

Latino Image Makers in Hollywood  Frank Javier Garcia Berumen, Ed.M.’93, Ed.D.’03

Learning to Improve  Paul LeMahieu, Ed.M.’77, Anthony Bryk, Louis Gomez, and Alicia Grunow

Operating on Faith  Matt Weber, Ed.M.’11

The Peculiar Grace of a Shaker Chair  Ian Ruderman, Ed.M.’01

Restorative Justice in Urban Schools  Anita Wadhwa, Ed.M.’09, Ed.D.’13

Teacher Learning in the Digital Age  Professor Chris Dede, Arthur Eisenkraft, Kim Frumin, Kim Frumin, Ed.M.’01, Ed.M.’15, Ed.D.’19, and Alex Hartley

Teaching and Learning for the Twenty-First Century  Professor Fernando Reimers, Ed.M.’84, Ed.D.’88, and Connie Chung, Ed.M.’99, Ed.M.’07, Ed.D.’13

Tell Me So I Can Hear You  Eleanor Drago-Severson, Ed.M.’89, and Jessica Blum-DeStefano

Youth, Critical Literacies, and Civic Engagement  Rheresa Rogers, Ed.M.’80

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