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Winter 2015


The Art of Tinkering
Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich

The cover alone of this hardcover book sets it apart: It uses special ink that conducts electricity. What follows is a visually stunning look at the tinkering done by 150 makers, including the authors, Karen Wilkinson, Ed.M.’98, and Mike Petrich, Ed.M.’98, codirectors of the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

Growing Up Muslim
Andrew Garrod and Robert Kilkenny

In this collection of personal essays, Muslim college students in America discuss the role of Islam in their lives. Collected by Andrew Garrod, Ed.M.’76, Ed.D.’82, a professor emeritus at Dartmouth College and Robert Kilkenny, Ed.D.’92, a clinical associate at Simmons College, the essays show students grappling with stereotypes, 9/11, diversity, converting, family expectations, and creating one’s identity.

Leaders of Their Own Learning
Ron Berger, Suzanne Nathan Plaut, and Libby Woodfin

Full of tips and checklists, this how-to guide helps school leaders put students in charge of their own learning and assessment. Leaders was created by the Expeditionary Learning nonprofit where Ron Berger, Ed.M.’90, is the chief academic officer; Libby Woodfin, Ed.M.’09, is director of publications; and Suzanne Nathan Plaut, Ed.M.’99, Ed.D.’04, is director of curriculum design.

Summer Melt
Benjamin Castleman and Lindsay Page

Even when students are accepted to college, as many as 40 percent — particularly students from low-income families — fail to matriculate to any postsecondary institution. In Summer Melt, Benjamin Castleman, Ed.D.’13, and Lindsay Page, Ed.M.’04, Ed.D.’11, offer effective strategies, like text messaging, that schools and districts can use to help students stay on track over the summer.

Watch Me Rise
Douglas Luffborough

Raised by a single mother in poverty, Douglas Luffborough, Ed.M.’97, dreamed of being the first in his family to go to college. And he did, as he writes in his memoir, despite huge obstacles like the lure of gang life, a year living in a homeless shelter, and being told by his guidance counselor that he wasn’t “college material.”

All books pictured in winter 2015 issue (l-r):

The Art of Tinkering
Karen Wilkinson Ed.M.’98, and Mike Petrich, Ed.M.’98

Bereft and Blessed
Joan Seliger Sidney, M.A.T.’64

Laura Appell-Warren, Ed.M.’84, Ed.D.’07

Negotiating Your Investments
Steven Blum, Ed.M.’89

The Road to Shine: A Story of Adventure, Life Lessons, and My Quest for More
Laurie Gardner, Ed.M.’94

The Teaching Brain
Vanessa Rodriguez, Ed.M.’13, current doctoral student; and Michelle Fitzpatrick, Ed.M.’12

From the Great Blasket to America
Gerald Hayes, Ed.M.’70, and Michael Carney

Enchanted Objects
David Rose, Ed.M.’92

Future Wise
Professor David Perkins

Leaders of Their Own Learning
Ron Berger, Ed.M.’90; Suzanne Nathan Plaut, Ed.M.’99, Ed.D.’04; and Libby Woodfin, Ed.M.’09

How Great Leaders Think
Terrence Deal and Lee Bolman, PPE faculty member

Harvard Educational Review: fall 2014 issue
Harvard Education Press

Growing Up Muslim
Andrew Garrod, Ed.M.’76, Ed.D.’82, and Robert Kilkenny, Ed.D.’92

Transformational Literacy
Ron Berger, Ed.M.’90, and Libby Woodfin, Ed.M.’09

Watch Me Rise
Douglas Luffborough, Ed.M.’97

Summer Melt
Benjamin Castleman, Ed.D.’13, and Lindsay Page, Ed.M.’04, Ed.D.’11