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Summer 2012

On My Bookshelf: Lecturer Josephine Kim

Josephine Kim

Currently reading: A literature book from my high school days that I found while visiting my parents. It's titled Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense.

The thing that drew you to it: I wanted to be reminded of my teen years and to take a glimpse into my cognitions then. The notes I left in the margins allowed me to gauge how my perceptions have changed with the years.

Book you've read over and over: The Bridge by Heinz Janisch and Helga Bansch. It's a children's book I've been reading repeatedly to my baby son, Evan. It's never too early to teach about collaboration, and The Bridge teaches a valuable lesson on yielding and coexisting peacefully.

Favorite spot to curl up with a good book: The rocking chair in Evan's nursery. I can keep an eye on my son as he sleeps while I enjoy some "me time" with a good book.

Reading ritual: One of my favorite flowers is the daisy, and I have a habit of drawing little daisies in the margin by my favorite lines.

Noneducation genre of choice: Since childhood, I've always enjoyed reading about fascinating people and personal accounts of their lives. I especially enjoy narratives from those who have withstood and overcome personal hardships.

How do you find the time: I read while I'm commuting, whether that's on the T or a plane. I also find myself reading while on foot, but this isn't always a good idea. I've bumped into more than a few trees and poles!

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