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Summer 2011

Children & Teenagers

Published as a sidebar to Ed. magazine feature, “Quiz Kids.”

You don’t have to be of voting age to be famous. Identify the following well-known children and teenagers, real and fictional (answers on the bottom of the page):

1. A boy king of Egypt, his tomb was found in 1922.

2. She was the first English child born in America.

3. This Dickens orphan asked for “some more” gruel.

4. In Amsterdam, during World War II, this Jewish girl kept a diary.

5. At age 16, he wrote music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

6. As a boy in ancient Macedon, he tamed the horse Bucephalus.

7. He was just a teenager in 2002 when he published Eragon.

8. This Biblical hero was just a youth when he killed Goliath.

Source: It’s Academic!, Washington, D.C.

Answers: 1. Tut (Tutankhamun) 2. Virginia Dare 3. Oliver Twist 4. Anne Frank 5. Felix Mendelssohn 6. Alexander “The Great” 7. Christopher Paolini 8. David