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Harvard EdCast: McCartney's Big Year

Kathy McCartneyIn this edition of the EdCast, Kathleen McCartney, president of Smith College and former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, reflects on an exciting year involving a new job, book, and Twitter account. McCartney, co-editor of Harvard Education Press title Improving the Odds For America's Children, spoke to the EdCast when she returned to the HGSE campus to participate in the Askwith Forum "Leveling the Playing Field for Children: 40 Years of the Children's Defense Fund."

On the transition from HGSE to Smith: "Transitioning to a different culture was the biggest adjustment; one the students came on campus, the fun really began. The biggest surprise was just how much fun I would have interacting with the undergrads at Smith." -President Kathleen McCartney, Smith College president and former dean at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

On the book: "I would hope that we canna use this book to as a way to galvanize…all stakeholders who have an interest in young children." -President McCartney  

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