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Master's Degree Program

Program: Teaching and Teacher Leadership

In our Teaching and Teacher Leadership (TTL) Program, you will gain the skills you need to design and lead transformative learning experiences that change lives, advance social justice, and help generate the best outcomes for all students. Whether you are an experienced or novice teacher, our approach to teacher education will engage you in a community of practice that enables you to build core competencies, work alongside faculty and school-based mentors in meaningful and lasting networks, and pursue a wide range of career goals. The TTL curriculum enables novice and early career teachers to pursue Massachusetts initial licensure in secondary education, while experienced teachers may focus on instructional leadership, coaching, and/or teacher development. 

After completing the Teaching and Teacher Leadership Program, you will have a deeper understanding of the following competencies that explore how to:

  • Leverage your knowledge and skills to lead others in joyful, equitable, rigorous, and transformative learning.
  • Analyze instruction for the purpose of improving it.
  • Foster productive inquiry and discussion.
  • Identify, understand, and counteract systemic inequities within educational institutions.
  • Problem-solve through planful cycles that include gathering information, interpreting data, making diagnoses, and testing solutions.

“At the heart of TTL is helping teachers reach all students. Whether you are preparing for the classroom yourself or an experienced teacher preparing to improve teaching and learning on a wider scale, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead others in learning.” 

Heather Hill, Faculty Co-Chair

Curriculum Information

The TTL Program is designed to help you gain the knowledge and practice the skills essential to leading others in learning. A minimum of 42 credits are required to graduate with an Ed.M. degree from HGSE.

The main elements of the 2022–23 academic year curriculum are:

  • The summer Foundations courses (12 credits), including How People Learn, Leading Change, Evidence, and Equity and Opportunity, in which students gain core skills central to the profession of education. 
  • To fulfill the program requirement, you must take a minimum of 12-credits specific to TTL, including the following:  
    • The TTL Program Core Experience (4 credits), a yearlong course in which teachers and teacher-leaders collaborate to improve practice.  Students must enroll in their first fall semester.  
    • Required coursework (8 credits), particularly for those who are in a teaching licensure pathway.
  • Field experiences that provide both teachers-in-training and teacher-leaders opportunities to practice the skills needed going forward into new or expanded roles.
  • Elective coursework, which includes the opportunity for those not earning licensure to specialize in a Concentration

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Note, all information and courses are subject to change.

Licensure Information

Students interested in earning teaching licensure in addition to an Ed.M. degree will be able to select one of two fieldwork models. Both TTL licensure models enable novice teachers to complete the courses and field experiences needed to teach at the middle school and high school levels. Specifically, you will be eligible to teach in grades 5–8 in English, general science, history, and mathematics, as well as grades 8–12 in biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, earth science, and physics.  

Licensure candidates will be supported by TTL faculty and school-based mentors in one of two fieldwork models. You can choose to apply to either a residency model, where students assume teaching responsibilities toward the start of the program, or an internship model, which ramps up teaching responsibility more gradually. Both models have fellowship opportunities. The residency model has an early application deadline of November 14, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET). All other TTL applicants should submit by the standard January 5, 2022, application deadline.

TTL Fellowships

HGSE offers fellowships for both the residency and internship models:

  • The residency fellowship is awarded to all residency students and covers 80% tuition as well as offers a partial cost of living stipend. It also includes a 50% residency salary, which is paid by the district employing the student in the residency placement.
  • The internship fellowship is awarded to top internship students and covers 80% tuition and includes a partial cost of living stipend.

Program Faculty

Students will work closely with faculty associated with their area of study, but students can also work with and take courses with faculty throughout HGSE and Harvard. The faculty co-chairs for TTL are Heather Hill and Victor PereiraView our faculty directory for a full list of HGSE faculty.

Career Pathways

The TTL Program prepares you for a variety of career pathways, including: 

  • Licensed middle or high school teacher
  • Instructional and curriculum leadership teams


Our TTL Program enables you to fully examine your growth as a professional — and explore the many ways you can generate better outcomes for your students. From developing a deeper understanding of teaching principles and practices to honing your experience and embracing innovation in a variety of learning environments, our graduates go on to make a profound difference in the lives of their students. Here, you'll meet several HGSE alumni whose careers center around teaching and learning leadership:

Melanie Shea

On the Child's Side: Melanie Shea, TEP'20

The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for Teacher Education reflects on her time at HGSE and looks toward the future.

Nathan Whitfield

Putting a Stake in the Ground: Nathan Whitfield, TEP'19

The Intellectual Contribution Award recipient for the Teacher Education Program reflects on his time at HGSE and looks toward the future.

Cohort and Community

As a TTL student, you will build a strong community around a shared commitment to teaching and teacher development. You will learn from and with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, levels of expertise, and instructional settings. To foster connections with the field, you are invited to attend “meet the researcher” chats, engage in learning through affinity groups, and interact with teaching-focused colleagues across the larger university, by taking courses and participating in activities both at HGSE and at other Harvard schools. 

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Admissions Information

Learn more about our admissions application requirements and instructionstuition and financial aidrecorded webinarsdownload a brochure, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Connect with Admissions

If you have additional admissions-related questions, please contact Samantha Pulley.

Additional TTL Resources

Connect with Program Staff

If you have remaining program-specific questions, please contact TTL Assistant Director Andrena Mason.