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Orientation 2018: Faculty 8x8s

Orientation began with the signature HGSE faculty “8x8” event in which eight faculty members present for eight minutes each on their cutting edge work in education.

Andrew Ho
Big Data: The Distribution of Academic Achievement in the United States

Dana McCoy
Beyond Letters and Numbers: The Role of Schools in Supporting Nonacademic Skills

Richard Weissbourd
Raising Moral Children in Morally Troubled Times

Nonie Lesaux
Getting it Right from the Start: The Role of Early Education in Shaping the Future of Today’s Children

Natasha Warikoo
Why the Way We Talk about Affirmative Action Prevents Progress toward Racial Justice

Thomas Hehir
How Did You Get Here? Students with Disabilities and Their Journeys to Harvard

Elizabeth City
The Central Role of Task in Learning

Irvin Scott
Faith & Education: Is There an Appropriate Intersection?


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