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Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Named AAPSS Fellow

The American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) named Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot the 2008 Margaret Mead Fellow at a ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania on May 8.

The AAPSS, founded in Philadelphia in 1889, promotes progress of the social sciences and using social science knowledge in the development of public policy. "We are honoring individuals who have not only accomplished impressive intellectual breakthroughs but who have done so with their eyes firmly focused on advancing the public good," said Douglas S. Massey, president of the AAPSS and Princeton University Professor.

Lawrence-Lightfoot was honored for her study of the culture of schools, the patterns and structures of classroom life, the links between adult developmental themes and teachers' work, and the relationship between culture and learning styles. She was also recognized for her pioneering approach to social science methodology, and bridging the realms of aesthetics and empiricism.

"I have wanted my writings to be informative and inspiring, speaking to the head and the heart, focusing on the complex good rather than the narrowly pathological; inciting identification and self-interrogation among readers," Lawrence-Lightfoot said in her acceptance remarks.


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