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Experimenting With AI In The Classroom

How teachers can find learning opportunities using AI-assisted technology

There is great interest in the consumer world in AI systems that generate content, like ChatGPT — but in the hallowed halls of academia the response has been more cautious. In this episode, we explore the potential risks and rewards associated with using AI-assisted technology to help with teaching and learning in the classroom. Can AI actually increase the opportunities for creativity and imagination in our classrooms, for both teachers and learners?


  • Dora Demszky, assistant professor in education data science, Stanford Graduate School of Education
  • Houman Harouni, lecturer on education, HGSE
  • Lakshya Jain, senior, King Phillip Regional High School, Wrentham, MA


Uche Amaechi, lecturer on education, HGSE


Key Takeaways:

  • Play with AI tools and don't be afraid to experiment and "geek out" with the technology.
  • Empower students and teachers to engage with the new technology.
  • AI has the potential to provide new opportunities for teacher professional learning and to improve interactions with students.


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