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Sal Khan on Innovations in the Classroom

How new innovations in remote learning can be harnessed to improve instruction in classrooms and make up for learning missed during the pandemic

During the pandemic, many educators turned to online education pioneer Sal Khan for guidance as tens of millions of students across the country switched to remote learning. Now, the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Khan Academy joins us to reflect on lessons learned and explore new innovations that can be harnessed to improve in-person instruction at K–12 schools, make up for missed learning, and create more focused interventions for those who need it most.


  • Sal Khan, Founder and CEO, Khan Academy; Founder, Khan Lab School; and Co-founder of and Khan World School 


Uche Amaechi, Lecturer on Education, HGSE

Key takeaways and prompts for action:

  • Personalized online tools can supplement in-class learning for students and help to address gaps from the pandemic.
  • Banning artificial intelligence is not a helpful approach. AI could be transformative for education and for learning. Educators should start to grapple with the deep questions it raises.
  • Mastery learning allows students to acquire understanding in their own time and pace.


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