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How Do We Improve the Workplace for Teachers?

How schools and districts can better support teachers in their classrooms and their careers

Job satisfaction and morale are reported to be at a 50-year low for teachers, and the state of the profession has been described as a "cause for serious national concern." With expectations and scrutiny at an all-time high, what are the steps any school or district can take to better support teachers in their classrooms and their careers?


  • Jill Harrison BergLeadership Coach, School Improvement Consultant, and Researcher; author of Leading in Sync: Teacher Leaders & Principals Working Together for Student Learning
  • Patrick Harris IIMiddle School English Teacher and Dean of Students at The Roeper School, Detroit, Michigan; author of The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers
  • Susan Moore JohnsonJerome T. Murphy Research Professor in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education; author of Where Teachers Thrive: Organizing Schools for Success


Pamela Mason, Senior Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Key takeaways:

  • Recognize​ that teachers need to live life to the fullest, which allows them to come to the classroom being the best version of themselves they can be.
  • Encourage​ teachers to be clear about their "why" and what they really care about and then to find a school that values the same things. 
  • Protect​ time during the school day so that teachers can collaborate with one another and work on their own leadership skills.


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