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Overcoming the Stresses of Education Leadership

In most positions of education leadership, stress is just part of the job. But educators need to be careful to not let those negative feelings bog them — or their organizations — down, says author and psychologist Rick Hanson, a senior fellow at the Greater Good Center at the University of California–Berkeley. That, however, is easier said than done.

"Most beneficial mental states wash through the brain like water through a sieve," says Hanson, "while negative mental states ... get stuck in our brains forever."

So, how can education leaders let those feelings go and replace them with more positive resources like resilience, self-worth, confidence, and empathy? Hanson will help answer that question as a faculty member at HGSE's upcoming professional development institute Building Inner Strengths of Leaders: Mindfulness and More. In the program, participants will gain the tools necessary to internalize everyday beneficial experiences into lasting inner strengths that will help both them and their organizations thrive.

In this edition of the Harvard EdCast, Hanson talks about what one can expect from the upcoming institute and reflects on how educators can build inner strengths and be more mindful leaders.

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