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On My Bookshelf: Lecturer Huan-Tang Lu

Huang-Tang Lu
Lecturer Huan-Tang Lu
Photo: Jill Anderson

This past summer, just after joining the Ed School to teach courses on cognitive and psychological assessments and the challenges kids face, Lecturer Huan-Tang Lu, a counselor and former assistant professor at Rowan University, spoke to Ed. about reading with his children, how animals play into his book choices, and the practical reason he reads in bed. 

The Three Little Pigs book cover

What are you currently reading? Three Little Pigs 

What in particular drew you to this book? We have three sons, so naturally, this became our everyday nighttime story. Those three little pigs have adventured to various places like ice cream shops, haunted houses, a swimming pool, etc. 

What kind of reader were you as a kid? Did you have a favorite book or genre growing up? History books and comic books. Books on history that helped me learn the past and all kinds of comic books that inspired my imagination of the world. 

What’s the most interesting or useful thing you read recently in a book? Play therapy skills may work even on your pets. I tried, and (I think) they do! 

You're forming a book group at your house. Name three people you'd want in the group, and why. I would love to have my wife and three kids in the group as every second with them is too precious to give away. If family members do not count, I can’t really name anyone. Yet, one has to bring laughter, one has to bring food, and one has to bring the book. The interactions are more important than the book itself! 

Is there a book you assigned to your students this fall that you think all educators should read? The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook by Bruce Perry and Maia Szalavitz. Those stories show why schools have to be safe spaces and why educators must care to build rapport with students. 

Favorite place to read. I love to read in bed because it is warm and comfy. Also, it is convenient in case I fall asleep. 

What book is on deck once you’re ready to read something new? I believe that the future and the past are the key to understanding the present. I also believe that innovation has to be interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary simultaneously. That said, two books on my nightstand now are, A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and Mozi by Mozi. The former teaches me new science perspectives and how to popularize science. The latter allows me to examine one of the earliest philosophers that promoted universal love, self-reflection, authenticity, and equity. 

What's your genre of choice? Well-researched historical fiction which allows me to vividly picture how people lived in other eras. Historical fiction, synthesized history, literature, culture, and more give a panoramic view of a time period. It allows me to draw connections and insights to the present day. The genre also exposes me to a diversity of viewpoints throughout history, in line with my interest in equity. it satisfies my intellectual curiosity.

Are you a paper book or e-reader? Paper book!

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