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Ed. Extra: Photo Shoot with David Ticchi, Ed.M.'69, C.A.S.'71, Ed.D.'76

Are We Too Focused on Our Kids' Happiness?

A behind the scenes look at Dave Ticchi's return to the Ed. School campus for an Ed. Magazine cover story photo shoot.

Video with audio description for the visually impaired.


Title: The Harvard Graduate School of Education: Working at the Nexus of Practice, Policy, and Research" David: "Being a blind teacher in a public school- I didn't, to be perfectly frank, see it as any big deal. I mean, I knew it wasn't all that common, but I just knew we had to do things in a different way and have my classroom set up in a way that we were a community. Actually I have three degrees: I had an Ed.M. in 1969, a C.A.G.S. in 1971, and an Ed.D. in 1976. The time I spent here at Harvard was wonderful."

Paula (graphic designer): "Since we're doing an all-black cover with just Braille, we wanted to have the photos match the tone of the cover, and have kind of the dramatic photo with just David really lit. We thought that would make it dramatic and kind of emphasize our whole point."

Tanit (photographer): "And just start to turn your head toward me a little bit."

David: "When you're taking a shot and you want me to keep my head in a certain position, or turn left or right, if someone kind of stands out in that direction and maybe says a word or something, because I can't focus, I can't see a spot on the wall or whatever, so if I have a voice to focus in on, that helps."

Tanit: [looking at pictures on laptop] "Yeah, we can totally- well let's look at a couple and see, there might be some others down a little bit..."

Tanit: [instructing David] "Yeah, and let me just have you with your shoulders squared-"

David: [interrupting and taking a different position] "Sometimes I do, you know, I do like this."

Tanit: "We could try a couple like that, but there was something-"

David: "Oh, but that's blocking my face, yeah."

Tanit: "It is, there was something- and your hands, like they weren't, like, gripping it tightly, they were just very relaxed, and one was up a little bit higher. Once I start pointing it out to people then they get all self-conscious about it. I'm gonna have you just square your shoulders toward me a little bit more... Yeah, that's perfect, great. Okay, um, back to your position..."


Tanit: "We're all set, I think."

David: "We're all done?"

Paula: "Yeah."

Tanit: "Great!"

David [in the elevator]: "Brings back good memories though, being in this building. It really does, it was a wonderful time. I just had, I think, a very full and enriching experience."


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