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Faculty & Research

Alex R Hodges

Member of the Faculty of Education

Librarian and Director of the Monroe C. Gutman Library

Gutman Library

Faculty Director

Specialized Studies Program

Alex R Hodges

Email:  [javascript protected email address]
Phone:  617.495.4227
Vitae/CV:   Alex R Hodges.pdf
Office:  Gutman 235


Alex Hodges, MLS, ABD, is the HGSE librarian and director, Monroe C. Gutman Library. As full-time, non-ladder faculty, he serves as a member of the faculty of education and Lecturer on Education. During academic year 2021-2022, Hodges is the faculty director of HGSE’s specialized studies Ed.M. program for online, part-time students. He also represents HGSE on the Harvard Library leadership team and is a member of HGSE’s senior leadership.

With training in library and information science, applied linguistics, and educational technology, Hodges’ research, teaching, and professional service have focused on the integration of information and critical literacies into K-12 and post-secondary curricula. His research employs qualitative methods and variably has explored the intersections of information literacy instruction with composition studies, service learning, critical pedagogy, online learning, virtual schooling, and new media interactivity. His current dissertation study investigates librarians’ perceptions of what they teach and the influence that their instruction has on students’ digital scholarship.

From 2011-2017, Hodges was a tenured associate librarian and affiliate associate professor of teacher education at American University in Washington, D.C., where he also served as a tenure-track assistant librarian from 2005-2011. He has held previous positions in library systems at the National Gallery of Art, the University of Maryland College Park, the University of Maryland Global Campus, and at the University of Florida, where he completed his undergraduate and doctoral course work. 

Areas of Expertise
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