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Education Now

Education Now Education Now is a new initiative by the Harvard Graduate School of Education to respond to the dramatic changes in the field of education in the wake of coronavirus. We're creating resources for educators, leaders, and families; sharing strategies and perspectives from Harvard faculty; and hosting a weekly 30-minute webinar that will offer valuable ideas to help you navigate today's complex landscape.

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Education Now Webinars

Education Now webinars, hosted by HGSE's Richard Weissbourd, will be broadcast via Zoom each Wednesday, streaming live on Facebook, and available for later viewing on YouTube, Facebook, and this website.

Latest Episode: The Path Forward
Host Richard Weissbourd speaks with Professor of Education, Meira Levinson and Clint Smith (Ed.M.'17, Ph.D.'20) about what needs to happen now to prepare educators, families, and communities for a new vision of K-12 education.
May 20, 2020

Episode 5: Teaching to Navigate Challenge and Uncertainty 
A conversation with Harvard's Sarah Dryden-Peterson (Ed.D.’09) and Boston Public Schools elementary superintendent Ana Tavares (Ed.M.’99). We'll talk about preparing young people — and ourselves — to adapt to change, confront inequities, and strengthen our communities in a time of turmoil.
May 13, 2020

Episode 4: Student Voices Amid the Crisis
Host Richard Weissbourd speaks with high school students about what's working, what's difficult, and what they need from parents, educators, and other adult supporters, as they navigate the crisis.
May 6, 2020

Episode 3: The State of College Admissions
Host Richard Weissbourd speaks with Lee Coffin (Ed.M. ’90), Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Dartmouth College, and Rachelle Hernandez, Senior Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Success at University of Texas Austin.
April 29, 2020

Episode 2: Leadership through crisis
Host Richard Weissbourd speaks with Sonja Santelises (Ed.M. ’99, Ed.D. ’04), CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools, and Anu Ebbe, a school principal from Madison, WI, and member of The Principals' Center Advisory Board at HGSE.
April 22, 2020

Episode 1: Socially distant — and more connected than ever
Host Richard Weissbourd speaks with HGSE's Junlei Li and Dana Winters from the Fred Rogers Center. 
April 15, 2020

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Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak

An ongoing Usable Knowledge series with resources for schools and families — on leading through change, teaching at a distance, and learning and thriving at home. 

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Leadership in the Field

Expertise and thought leadership from the HGSE community

"We have to invent solutions as we solve problems through the night. We’re in for a long ride that will transform our lives in many ways that we can barely imagine."

From Here’s How Schools Can Move Forward Amid COVID-19 Threat, Eperts Say via GMA News Online

"Educators must take action. Next fall should mark the beginning of the end of the 'one size fits all' approach to schooling — whether schooling is conducted in person or remotely. To get students back on track, educators will need to meet them where they are and give them what they need, customizing an education strategy for each child designed to get that child to 'success.'"

From Schools Are Socially Promoting Students En Masse. What Comes Next? via Education Week

"At a fundamental level, we need to begin by recognizing that learning at home is just a different proposition than learning at school. We should not be trying to 'implement' school learning at home. Rather, we should be taking advantage of our new circumstances, and draw on the strengths that come with learning at home."

From Why Distance Learning Should Not Replicate School via Transcend

Jack Shonkoff delivers the keynote address at the By All Means convening on the importance of the early years of a child’s life to both school readiness and lifelong health.

From Connecting the Dots Between Early Learning and the Foundation of Lifelong Health in a COVID-19 World via By All Means

"Unchecked, these instructional losses have the potential to stunt educational progress — permanently, for some students. To mitigate this, we need to focus intensely on real-time assessments, those that identify knowledge gaps that exist right now, rather than relying on less frequent, more burdensome tools, like standardized tests. These assessments must be followed by targeted, differentiated instruction to engage and instruct students without judgment."

From Innovation Will Help Us Rebuild via Boston Globe

Sarah Dryden-Peterson discusses how to apply lessons learned from crises around the globe to the current education climate.

From Learning from Education in Emergencies via FreshEd with Will Brehm

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