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Education Now

Education Now
Welcome to the HGSE webinar series that responds to the dramatic changes in the field of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to give our audience strategies and ideas that will prompt hope, add fuel to the push for equity, and create the circumstances for transformation across education.

Webinars, hosted by Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty and staff, will premiere live on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook — and be available to view later on YouTube and Facebook. Watch all episodes.

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Recent Episodes

Making College Diversity Efforts Sustainable — and Impactful

December 1, 2021

In recent years, colleges and universities have put diversity efforts at the center of their agendas, creating new roles for chief diversity officers and helping to fuel the rise of equity and inclusion offices on campuses across the U.S. As these offices become established, it's time to ask: How can they help stimulate truly meaningful changes in campus culture? What are the best practices for ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts are authentic, sustainable, and — most important — effective and impactful. What does meaningful, sustainable diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging look like? How can these efforts spread from the diversity office into the classroom — and how can they help drive student success?

FeaturingFrancesca PurcellSherri CharlestonStephanie Pinder-Amaker, and Richard Reddick

Our Earliest Learners — and their Caregivers

November 17, 2021

The early education landscape continues to shift under the weight of pandemic impacts. Watch the conversation as we look at where things stand for our young learners, their families, and the early educators who are trying to serve their needs. We talk about the current challenges in early learning that need critical attention. We explore how our caregivers are managing their own stresses and helping young children navigate disruption and instability. And we offer strategies for perseverance and even innovation, focusing in on the solutions that educators and their families are finding and spreading. 

FeaturingJunlei LiLynette Fraga, and Stephanie Jones

Mental Health and Wellness at College Today

November 3, 2021

Colleges and universities are facing a crisis in mental health today — with nearly 40% of college students experiencing depression, according to a 2020 study, 34% reporting anxiety, and 13% saying they had thought seriously about suicide in the last year. The pandemic exacerbated the crisis, but there are other factors driving the surge. We explored what campuses can do to create environments that prioritize and sustain health and wellness — and how can they assemble the resources, staff, and administrative structure needed to make it happen.

Featuring: Francesca PurcellErnesto Escoto, and Nicole Green

The Healing Power of Friendships and Relationships

October 20, 2021

The pandemic has caused many of us to recognize the power of relationships — for ourselves, and for our children. Have your children's friendships changed — or suffered? Are your students finding it hard to re-ignite their stalled connections?  How can schools help to foster friendship — and prioritize strong relationships and a sense of belonging for every student? And what are the lessons we can take with us into our own adult lives?

Featuring: Junlei LiTraci BaxleyJean Rhodes

Teaching and Leading with Compassion  

October 6, 2021 

Today's teaching challenges are multifaceted, calling on a range of leadership skills, instructional decisions, and — perhaps most important, empathy and compassion. At a time of continued anxiety, when students and educators alike are feeling the strains of pandemic losses of all kinds, how can we make classrooms spaces of welcome, inclusion, safety, and care? How can we teach, lead, mentor, and coach with compassion?  

Featuring: Uche AmaechiRhonda Bondie, Khalya Hopkins, Victor Pereira, Jr.Ed Yoo

Back to School: Moving Forward from Here 

September 22, 2021

For the third consecutive school year, the rhythms of our schools are being disrupted by a global pandemic — a pandemic that has laid bare existing inequities across almost every relevant metric. Watch the panel of Harvard education experts discuss key challenges and concerns for educators, leaders, and families — and share concrete ideas for addressing them, with equity at the center. 

Featuring: Uche AmaechiAndrew HoStephanie JonesMary Grassa O'NeillPaul Reville

Keeping Our Schools Healthy 

September 15, 2021

In an episode jointly presented by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, we talk through some of the practical things we can do now to support physical and mental health in our schools. And explore the larger issues of equity, community building, and other themes that we’ll be facing for the foreseeable future.

Featuring: Bridget LongMichelle WilliamsJoseph AllenJosephine Kim, and Natalia Linos

Watch the Education Now Playlist

Previous Education Now episodes have highlighted racism in schools, public health and school reopening, the power of human connection, leadership amid crisis, and much more. Explore the episodes on Youtube or Facebook.

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Leadership in the Field

Expertise and thought leadership from the HGSE community

"Right now, given COVID, we are all working to minimize disappointment in education — for our students, for our teachers and staff, and for our communities. Not an easy job, that’s for sure."

From Miguel Cardona Came in as a Teacher Champion. Has COVID Muted His Message? via Education Week

Professor Andrew Ho breaks down how concerned parents should be about their children's performance on standardized tests on the "Notes from the Backpack" podcast.

From Do My Child’s Test Scores Really Matter? via National PTA

"We all need to start paying closer attention to the science that explains how excessive adversity can undermine lifelong health as well as early learning."

From How Racism in Early Life Can Affect Long-Term Health via Knowable Magazine

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