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Education Now

Education Now Education Now: The Challenges of Reopening
A summer 2020 initiative, with webinars, stories, and resources for educators, families, and school and district leaders.

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Education Now Webinars

Biweekly webinars, hosted by Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty and staff, will premiere live on Zoom and Facebook from Wednesday, June 24, through Wednesday, September 2. Episodes will be recorded and available to view later on YouTube and Facebook.

Watch the latest episode: Practicing Antiracism in Your School

A critical conversation about how educators can work to combat racism and inequality in their everyday roles. Hosted by Tracie Jones, HGSE’s Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. 


  • Christina “V” Villarreal, HGSE faculty and former teacher and school leader in East Oakland, California
  • José Vilson, a math teacher, writer, and activist in New York City, and executive director of EduColor  
  • Jamarria Hall, student and activist

The following resources were selected and shared by our guests:


Watch Education Now: The Challenges of Reopening

Our full-season Summer 2020 playlist is here. You can also watch on Facebook.

Upcoming Episodes

  • September 2: Creating and Sustaining Strong Relationships with Families

Watch Past Episodes
You can also watch the six-episode spring season of Education Now, with conversations on the power of human connection, leadership through crisis, and educating for equity in deeply uncertain times.

The Challenges of Reopening

A summer 2020 Usable Knowledge series aimed at helping schools, educators, and families answer the question, "What will back-to-school look like this fall?" 

Confronting the Coronavirus Outbreak

A spring 2020 Usable Knowledge series with resources for schools and families — on leading through crisis, teaching at a distance, and learning and thriving at home. 

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Leadership in the Field

Expertise and thought leadership from the HGSE community

Dean Bridget Long and co-authors Jon Bernstein, Roger Crandall, and Bob Rivers, write on the importance of investing in the early education system. "High-quality early childhood education has been shown to give children a boost toward future success.... Moreover, a strong child care system is essential for the health of families, communities, and the economy."

From Invest in the Economy, Invest in Early Childhood Education and Child Care via Boston Globe

"It’d be not just sad but, I think, actually unforgivable if we squander the opportunity to provide in-person schooling to [almost] a million kids because we are keeping some indoor restaurants open, hair stylists open. Those things really matter. But I think getting kids to be able to go to school matters even more."

From As September Looms, Some Of State’s Largest Districts Won’t Return In Person via WBUR

"We’re in this highly disruptive position. Parents need to make plans, teachers need to make plans. People need to know what they’re going to be doing, and not all of our school systems have been able to announce what they’re going to do — not all of our colleges, even."

From From The Land Of Educational Uncertainty via WGBH

"Remote schooling can feel really impersonal. Studies have shown students prefer live instruction over the prerecorded lectures that are frequently a part of virtual learning: 'They can feel the teacher more present in their lives and that’s a real motivating factor for them,' Dr. Hill said."

From Know Your Pandemic Schooling Options via New York Times

Anthony Jack shares insights from his award-winning research on how inequality and poverty shape the life chances of college students.

From Higher Ed's Hidden Curriculum via Lab XChange

Professor Meira Levinson speaks about the tradeoffs educators are being asked to make in order to reopen schools.

From School Reopening: Educators On Their Hopes, Concerns For The School Year via On Point - WBUR

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