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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.


Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative (SAMI)

The Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative (SAMI) at HGSE pairs current students and alumni for a six-month (October-April) mentorship that focuses on personal and professional development, as well as career and network building. Through this effort, SAMI hopes to deepen connections within the HGSE community, and to inspire a community of mentors dedicated to fostering growth and development as educators and lifelong learners.

Program Details and Expectations of Participants 

Mentors and mentees will facilitate communication on a regular, mutually-agreed upon basis throughout the academic year. Although relationships and responsibilities will vary depending on the mentor/mentee relationship and needs, participants commit to fulfill the following expectations over the course of the academic year: 

  • Communicate approximately once per month using whichever method is best for the pair (i.e. email, phone, or video conferencing). 
  • Engage in responsive communication in between meetings to help support goals on a regular, mutually agreed upon basis throughout the academic year.  
  • Communicate progress, questions, or concerns with program staff at