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Academic Affairs OfficeLongfellow 101617.495.3401
   Degree ProgramsLongfellow 101617.495.3401
   Faculty Affairs & Academic Appointments122 Longfellow Hall617.495.3957
   Learning Initatives & Teaching Support122 Longfellow Hall617.495.3401
   Teaching and Learning LabLongfellow 101617.495.3401
Admissions OfficeLongfellow 118617.495.3414Website
Career Services OfficeLongfellow 025617.495.3427Website
   LicensureLongfellow 025617.384.9262Website
Center for Education Policy Research50 Church Street617.496.1563Website
Center on the Developing Child50 Church Street, 4th FloorWebsite
Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education8 Story Street, 5th Floor617.495.5285Website
Communications and Marketing20 University Road, 6th Floor617.496.5037
Dean's OfficeLongfellow 101617.495.3401Website
Development and Alumni Relations Office13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall617.496.3605Website
   Alumni Relations13 Appian Way617.496.3605Website
   Annual Fund13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall617.495.3488Website
   Individual Giving/Major Gifts and Research13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall617.496.1904Website
FinanceNichols House617.495.3479Website
Financial Aid OfficeLongfellow G049617.495.3416Website
Gutman Library6 Appian Way617.495.4225Website
   Access Services6 Appian Way617.496.9608Website
   Library Administration6 Appian Way617.495.4225Website
   Research Services6 Appian Way617.495.4225Website
   Technical Services6 Appian Way617.495.4225Website
Harvard Education Publishing Group8 Story Street, 1st Floor617.495.3432Website
Harvard Graduate School of Education Research13 Appian WayWebsite
   Contrasting Cases13 Appian WayWebsite
   Early College Planning Initiative13 Appian Way
   EcoMUVE and EcoMOBILE13 Appian WayWebsite
Human Resources OfficeLongfellow 124617.495.3471Website
Information TechnologyGutman Library, 3rd Floor617.496.0628Website
Office of the RegistrarLongfellow 009617.495.3418Website
Operations3 Garden Street617.495.3410Website
   Conference Services3 Garden Street617.495.7875Website
   Security3 Garden Street617.495.3499
Prevention Science and Practice607 Larsen Hall617.495.4954Website
Principals' Center13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall, 5th Fl617.384.7482Website
Programs in Professional Education13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall, 5th Fl800.545.1849Website
Project Zero13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall,4th Fl617.495.4342Website
READS for Summer Learning20 University Road, 6th floor617.496.2526Website
Special Studies ProgramWebsite
Sponsored ProjectsRead House 204617.384.5840Website
Student Affairs Office124 A&B Gutman Library617.495.8035Website
   Access and Disability Services124 A&B Gutman Library617.495.9608Website
The Commons at Gutman LibraryGutman Library 1st Floor617.495.2453Website
WIDE Project13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall, 5th Fl617.617.496.6675Website

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