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Online Professional Development Programs

Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) offers a suite of online programs designed to support educators at all levels with best practices learned from HGSE’s teaching and research to help tackle their biggest challenges.

In response to the current public health crisis and the worldwide demonstrations calling for racial and social justice, HGSE Professional Education has developed new and redesigned online programs tailored to meet the critical needs of educators in this moment. Our programs are designed for teachers, leaders, and policymakers across early education, K-12, and higher education contexts. Additionally, our programs are in a variety of formats, ranging from short-term asynchronous online workshops to longer, virtual institutes featuring live webinars, to accommodate many different learning preferences and schedules. 

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Our two- to six-week-long online workshops allow educators to explore a highly relevant key concept or practice in education in a short period. Most of our short online workshops are fully asynchronous, where the learning experience is on your schedule, and you can access program material at any time convenient for you. A few of our online workshops offer synchronous learning and involve live learning experiences. Explore the full list of online workshops here.

Semester-Length Courses

Our in-depth online programs allow you to explore HGSE research and proven practices over 12 to 13 weeks. These longer form programs offer a job-embedded and asynchronous learning experience with support from an online learning facilitator.  You will learn proven strategies, tools, frameworks, and pedagogies and start the implementation process while in course. 

Team participation is encouraged but not necessary for most courses.

Virtual Institutes

With both synchronous and asynchronous components, Virtual Institutes aim to create a space to connect with facilitators and colleagues directly with facilitated discussions, job-embedded practices, and plenary sessions led by Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty.  Upcoming virtual institutes include:

Webinar Series

Synchronous and recorded, Professional Education webinar series cover the most pressing topics on education right now, and are meant to quickly address the drastically changing needs of educators. Webinars include facilitated discussion time to connect with colleagues from across the world.

Certificate Programs

Professional Education currently offers five online certificate programs that address critical issues of practice for education leaders at different levels and settings. Each program contains multiple modules that combine both theory and practice. It may take a year or longer to complete all requirements to receive the certificate. 

For Organizations

Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) collaborates with a wide range of organizations in the education sector, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on a world-class learning experience for your educators. Learn more about how we serve organizations.