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Gutman Library

Gutman Library
6 Appian Way
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Quetzalli L. Barrientos
Dianne Brown Research & Instructional Design Librarian Gutman 206 617.998.1628
Simon Demosthene Library Assistant Gutman 219A 617.495.4155
Jamillah Gabriel Critical Pedagogy Research Librarian Gutman
Alex R Hodges Librarian and Director of the Monroe C. Gutman Library Gutman 209 617.495.4227
Carol Kentner Digital Scholarship Librarian Gutman 207 617.496.4799
Myanne Krivoshey Communications and Administration Assistant Gutman 2nd Floor 617.495.4225
Te-Yi Lee Library Cataloger Gutman 215B 617.495.4286
Carla Lillvik Special Collections & Research Librarian Gutman 205 617.496.0682
Rebecca Martin Senior Associate Director for Scholarly Communication and Collections Gutman 216 617.496.3108
Sarah Louise Mathes Norell Curriculum Research Associate Gutman 4th floor
Douglas Oro Library Assistant Gutman 201D 617.495.3422
Allison Pingree Gutman 335 617.495.4925
Lindsay Whitacre Digital Content Management Librarian Gutman 217 617.495.3542
Yuelin Zhu Evening Supervisor Gutman 201 617.495.3424
Ning Zou Associate Director, Student Academic Services & Learning Design Gutman 209 617.495.1465