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Nichols House
Office Staff
Staff Title Office Phone Contact
Alyssa Boudreau Financial Administrator Nichols House 301 617.495.3493
Jane Eaton Sr. Director of Financial Administration and Planning Nichols House 203 617.495.0768
Tracey Gatton Senior Financial Analyst/Gift Fund Administrator Nichols House
Maria Gregory Financial Operations Manager Longfellow
Eric Hultmark Associate Dean for Finance Nichols House 617.495.4445
Abebaye Lema Payroll Coordinator Nichols House 101 617.495.3476
Andy Urbina Financial Associate Nichols House 617.495.0318
Kevin Weekes Financial Associate I Nichols House 3 617.384.7808
Evelyn Wong Assistant Director of Finance Nichols House 201 617.496.4509