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Schneider Named Associate Professor

Bertrand Schneider, whose work focuses on using multimodal learning analytics to better understand learning processes, has been promoted to the rank of associate professor.
Bertrand Schneider

Bertrand Schneider at the opening of the Cheng Yu Tung Education Innovation Studio, 2018

Jill Anderson

Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean Bridget Long has announced that Bertrand Schneider has been promoted to the rank of associate professor. Schneider's work focuses on how emerging technologies can help educators design better learning environments. He joined the HGSE faculty in 2017. 

"Bertrand investigates the processes of learning, and he seeks to develop new measures that can inform research on learning mechanisms. His findings could help to create new types of performance-based diagnostic/formative assessments, and his work has important implications for improving learning and teaching in practice," says Long. "I am thrilled that his contributions to the field of education are being recognized with this promotion. Moreover, Bertrand has been a wonderful member of the HGSE community, and his students highlight their appreciation for his enthusiasm, expertise, and approachability."

Schneider's interests include the development of educational interfaces (e.g., augmented reality, tangible, multitouch) for collaborative learning in formal and informal learning environments such as maker spaces. Additionally, he researches the use of multimodal data, including gaze, body movement, speech, and arousal, to visualize and assess students' learning trajectories. In 2019, he was awarded funding from the National Science Foundation for Making With Understanding: Using Augmented Reality to Support Peer Teaching in Makerspaces, an investigation of augmented reality-enabled knowledge exchange tools that enhance the support of collaborative learning in informal learning spaces such as makerspaces. 

At HGSE, Schneider teaches courses in digital fabrication and making in education and multimodal learning analytics. Prior to joining the Ed School, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Transformative Learning Technologies Lab at Stanford.