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Leading for Impact, Across Education

At HGSE's Centennial Kickoff on January 30, faculty breakout sessions explored key challenges in the field — and the Ed School's role in creating meaningful improvement.
Tom Kane in classroom

Data for Impact: Professor Thomas Kane (foreground) was joined by Professor Andrew Ho (background) and Senior Lecturer Kathryn Boudett for a conversation about the powers — and pitfalls — of using data to improve student outcomes. Senior Lecturer Carrie Conaway moderated.


Fernando Reimers in classroom

Global Partnerships for Impact: Professor Fernando Reimers spoke about HGSE's projects and partnerships with organization in countries around the world. The faculty panel — which included Professor Catherine Snow and Associate Professor Sarah Dryden-Peterson — highlighted successful strategies and lessons learned. Senior Lecturer Pamela Mason moderated.


Deborah Jewell-Sherman speaking

Leading Systems for Excellence, Equity, and Impact: The conversation in Askwith Hall between Professor Deborah Jewell-Sherman (foreground) and Senior Lecturers Jennifer Cheatham (background), Drew Echelson, and Mary Grassa-O'Neill centered on the core choices and challenges that drove their prior work as system leaders, with consideration of the role of leadership, management, community and family engagement, and their own values. Associate Professor Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell moderated.


Monica Higgins in classroom

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education: Professors Monica Higgins (pictured) and James Honan and Associate Professor Karen Brennan led a dynamic session on making a difference in the world through creative approaches to the needs of the field. Faculty and participants explored the key strategies and skills for achieving impactful results and how teaching, research, and outreach experiences at HGSE have been catalysts for success.


Martin West speaking

Policy for Impact: Professors Martin West (foreground) and Roberto Gonzales (background right) and Senior Lecturer Mandy Savitz-Romer (background center) discussed HGSE's rich history of using research to inform a wide array of policies at the local, state, and federal levels. The conversation — with Professor Paul Reville moderating — drew on real-world examples designed to inspire action.


Meira Levinson teaching

Teaching for Impact: Professor Meira Levinson (pictured) and Josh Bookin, associate director of instructional support and development, led this interactive session during which participants learned about the Instructional Moves (IM) project and its impact on the field, while also experiencing firsthand how these teaching resources can be leveraged for meaningful professional development.