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Teacher and Tech: Making the Most of Learning Technologies

By James E Ryan on June 22, 2016 4:07 PM
This article originally appeared in "The New York Times."

Learning technologies offer great potential to improve education, but whether that potential will be realized depends on three key factors, which have less to do with technology itself and more to do with the people using it.

First, we need to ensure that we don’t lose sight of the “learning” in learning technologies. As we develop and adopt learning technologies we need to keep in mind what we know about how students learn. We know, for example, that they learn at different rates, that it is critical to master a topic before moving to the next when learning is sequential, that students who are engaged are likely to learn more and learn more deeply, and that active learning is more likely to engage students than passive learning.

It follows that technologies that help teachers personalize learning even more than they already do and that tailor learning to the pace and interests of students are likely to have bigger payoffs than those that do not.

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