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Are You an Eastern or Western Learner?

Are you an Eastern or Western Learner? Based on decades of research, Jin Li, Ed.D.'97, professor at Brown University, has advanced a conceptual distinction between the Western mind-model and the East Asian virtue model of learning. The former aims at cultivating the mind to understand the world, but the latter prioritizes the self to be perfected morally and socially.

During her visit to the HGSE's Civic and Moral Education Initiative (CMEI) this past year, Dr. Li sat down with the Harvard EdCast to reflect on her research and how it can help improve learning in an increasingly globalized society.

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The Harvard EdCast is a weekly series of podcasts, available on the Harvard University iTunes U page, that features a 15-20 minute conversation with thought leaders in the field of education from across the country and around the world. Hosted by Matt Weber, the Harvard EdCast is a space for educational discourse and openness, focusing on the myriad issues and current events related to the field.

Photo credit: Brown University