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Tufts' Bacow Named 2011-12 President in Residence

Professor Judy McLaughlin, director of the Higher Education Program, is pleased to announce that Tufts University President Lawrence Bacow will be joining HGSE as the 2011–2012 President in Residence.

"I am honored to be joining the faculty as the president in residence,” said Bacow. “I am anxious to get back in a classroom with first-rate graduate students and look forward to collaborating with my friend and colleague Judy McLaughlin in teaching a seminar on leadership in higher education."

Bacow will join the weekly class of the proseminar in higher education, serve as a presenter in several classes, and provide reflections on students’ discussions in others. In addition, he will meet with small groups of students over lunch to advise on everything from paper topics to career choices.

“Bacow has been widely acclaimed as one of the most effective college and university presidents in the country,” McLaughlin said. “Under his leadership, Tufts strengthened its undergraduate and graduate academic programs; deepened the University’s commitment to international and civic engagement; and admitted its most diverse and academically able classes. HGSE students will benefit enormously from his wisdom and experience.”

Bacow is a lawyer and economist whose research focuses on environmental policy, and is internationally recognized as an expert on non-adjudicatory approaches to the resolution of environmental disputes.

Since 2001, Bacow has served at the president of Tufts University where he will step down in the summer 2011. Under his tenure, he championed academic excellence and placed a premium on open communication and close engagement with students, faculty, staff, and alumni. He also worked tremendously to increase access to higher education – initiating the first university-wide program in America to ease the debt of graduates pursuing careers in public service and the not-for-profit sector. Additionally, Tufts raised more than $1 billion and grew the University’s endowment by nearly 86 percent within seven years.

The “president-in-residence” program, which was started in 2001 by the Ed School’s Higher Education Program, brings a university president to Harvard annually. Past presidents in residence are Rob Oden, former president of Carleton College and Kenyon College; Diana Chapman Walsh, president emerita of Wellesley College; Ellen Chaffee, former president of Valley City State University and Mayville State University; Tom Tritton, former president of Haverford College; Norman Fainstein, president emeritus of Connecticut College; Richard Freeland, former president of Northeastern University; Tad Foote, former chancellor and president of the University of Miami; John DiBiaggio, former president of the University of Connecticut; Michigan State University and Tufts University; Adrian Tinsley, president emerita of Bridgewater State College; Bernie Harleston, former president of the City College of New York; and Marjorie Bakken, president emerita of Wheelock College.