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Fischer Addresses Swedish Parliament

Professor Kurt Fischer, director of the Mind, Brain, and Education Program, recently addressed the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish National Research Council about learning and brain sciences, and the connection to education and policy.

Fischer — along with doctoral student Christina Hinton, who has written about connecting neuroscience with education and had experience in the Scandinavian countries — was invited by Parliament.

“We were delighted at the openness of the Swedish Parliament members and scientists to connecting research on learning and neuroscience with educational practice and policy. In most of the world, there is little research on how learning works in schools and other learning environments,” Fischer said. “A large part of our mission in MBE and HGSE is to create research that informs practice in classrooms and other learning environments. Research informs practice, and practice in turn informs research.”

The video of Fischer’s address received such a positive response that it will also air on the Swedish Knowledge Channel.

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