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English Learner Questions? Ask a Researcher

Real teacher questions about EL instruction, answered by specialists
Digital illustration of a school with speech bubbles in multiple languages

In a series aimed at closing the gap between research and practice, Usable Knowledge has partnered with Digital Promise on a project that collects questions from educators across the country and poses them to experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The series, called Ask a Researcher, offers evidence-based guidance on classroom dilemmas, with questions sourced from Digital Promise's League of Innovative Schools and beyond. (You can submit a question here.)

Here, we share excerpts of questions and answers on English learning.


Schools serve as a key point of welcome for immigrant and refugee children in America, but politics and changing demographics are complicating how we assist these newcomers. In a special series, we look at the strategies and practices that best support newcomer students and their families. Read more in Welcoming Newcomers.

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