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The Fight for Racial Justice

In this "Walking the Talk" conversation, racial activist DeRay Mckesson discusses how to help young people find their voice as activists

As racial and socioeconomic divides take front and center in national conversations, what does it take to persist as an activist? What are the skills that students need to fight for what they believe in and to effect real change — and how do schools help and hinder the development of those skills?

In this episode of Walking the Talk, Domonic Rollins talks to DeRay Mckesson, a civil rights activist, host of Pod Save the People, and former teacher, about his journey in the fight for racial justice — and how other young people can take a stand for equity. Walking the Talk is a series of video conversations streamed live on Facebook, exploring challenging questions of diversity, inclusion, and identity as they are lived and expressed in the real world. See previous episodes here.

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