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Reflecting on Foundations

Master's students share some valuable takeaways from the Foundations courses that kicked off their year at HGSE

As part of HGSE’s redesigned master’s program experience, all Ed.M. students participate in Foundations courses — which help them develop the core skills that every educator needs, across any educational setting. The four Foundations courses — How People Learn, Leading Change, Evidence, and Equity and Opportunity — combine virtual and in-person instructional strategies, providing students with the baseline knowledge and skills to make real-world impact within teams, organizations, systems, and beyond.  

Ed.M. students kick off their academic studies at HGSE with How People Learn, a virtual course that runs in June and July. Residential master’s students then complete the remaining Foundations courses on campus in August, while online master’s students complete them virtually throughout their two-year program.

In these videos, residential Ed.M. students reflect on their experiences with Foundations, sharing knowledge for prospective and incoming students to consider. New skills they learned from these courses include analyzing data, growing as effective leaders and learning designers, and how to address structural injustice. 

How People Learn:


Leading Change:




Equity and Opportunity:



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