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Andrew Ho Elected to NAEd

Every year, the National Academy of Education honors scholars for their valuable contributions to educational research and policy development.
Andrew Ho
Professor Andrew Ho at the 2017 launch of Instructional Moves
Photo: Jill Anderson

Professor Andrew Ho has been elected to the National Academy of Education (NAEd), in recognition of his distinct and valuable contributions to educational research and policy development.

“This diverse group of scholars is at the forefront of those who are improving the lives of students in the United States and abroad through their outstanding contributions to education scholarship and research,” said NAEd President Gloria Ladson-Billings, announcing the new class of members.

Ho is a psychometrician whose research aims to improve the design, use, and interpretation of test scores in educational policy and practice. His research examines the misuse of proficiency-based statistics in state and federal policy analysis. He has also clarified properties of student growth models for both technical and general audiences. Most recently, he has written a memo suggesting ways that states to better use standardized tests scores in the COVID-19 era.

NAEd advances the highest quality education research and its use in policy and practice. Founded in 1965, the NAEd consists of U.S. members and foreign associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship related to education. Nominations are submitted by individual academy members once a year for review and election by the entire membership.

In addition to serving on expert study panels that address pressing issues in education, members are also deeply engaged in NAEd’s professional development programs such as the NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and the NAEd/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program.

Ho is among 22 newly elected education leaders to the NAEd and joins a membership that encompasses outstanding scholars from across the field — including HGSE Dean Bridget Long and Professors Nonie Lesaux, Patricia Albjerg Graham, Susan Moore Johnson, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Richard Murnane, David Perkins, Judith Singer, and Catherine Snow.


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