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Going to the Source

New Youth Advisory Board will help Making Caring Common expand its reach.

What’s the best way to transform schools into compassionate communities? Here’s an idea: Ask students themselves about the culture they’d like to participate in and the support they need to foster it.

Making Caring Common (MCC), a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is doing just that. MCC announced on Monday the appointment of its inaugural Youth Advisory Board (YAB) — a diverse group of teens who will help shape MCC’s youth-focused work by exploring some of the most pressing ethical and moral dilemmas facing young people today. Board members will discuss ways they would like to see caring happen in their schools, share their perspectives on current events and issues in the media, and learn from each other about how to promote caring communities.

Making Caring Common plans to form a true partnership with the Youth Advisory Board, inviting its feedback on MCC’s strategies and initiatives. MCC staff members will also mentor YAB members on mastering social media and becoming grassroots organizers in their schools. Luba Falk Feigenberg, MCC’s partner engagement manager, will lead the YAB, and she hopes its members will “help raise the voices of young people in a national conversation about the importance of kindness and a commitment to the greater good.”

The 25 members of the 2015–2016 YAB represent 13 U.S. states and Australia. They were selected from more than 120 nominations of students in grades 7–12, and they share a commitment to building strong, kind, and fair school communities.

Read the official press release at Making Caring Common.


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