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Master Class with Elisa New

On Tuesday, October 6, HGSE's Master Class welcomed Elisa New, the Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature in Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Her session was titled, “The Lecture/Discussion as Teaching Genre: Looking (and Loafing) with Whitman.” HGSE Senior Lecturer Steve Seidel served as discussant. 

New is a scholar in the fields of American Poetry and American Literature and the author of numerous writings on theology and innovation in poetry, how poetry “sees,” and the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Susan Howe, and others. In addition to teaching humanities courses in the classroom, New teaches the edX series, "Poetry in America."  Her forthcoming book, How to Read American Poetry, was written to accompany the online series.

Watch a video of the event below:

On Thursday, March 24, we will be joined by Martha Minow, the Morgan and Helen Chu Dean and Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

About HGSE Master Class
Master Class is a series at HGSE celebrating inspiring teaching in its many forms. Each event is 90 minutes in length and involves a demonstration of teaching followed by a reflective discussion with the participants. The “demonstration” part of the time is intended to be an authentic experience of learning for members of the audience, drawing on the faculty member’s chosen teaching approach and topic. The “reflection” part is a dialogue in which the faculty member shares his or her pedagogical assumptions, intentions, and moves, and engages in a discussion with the audience that “pulls back the curtain.” Each Master Class is open to the entire Harvard community.

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