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Schiefelbein to Receive 2009 Alumni Council Award

Ernesto Schiefelbein, Ed.D.'69, will receive the 2009 Alumni Council Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education. Schiefelbein has been an influential policymaker and educational reformer in developing countries throughout his career. He will receive the award during HGSE's 2009 convocation ceremony on Wednesday, June 3.

"It is a paradox to receive an award from the HGSE when I owe a debt of gratitude to so many wise faculty members and classmates that helped me handle the skills and knowledge for shaping education systems," Schiefelbein said. "I was lucky to be at HGSE when that realm of knowledge was just being developed at the time in many research projects and policymaking discussions. In any case, receiving the award gives me a wonderful opportunity to say thanks to those many inspirational role models."

As a former minister of education and director of planning in Chile, Shiefelbein led a successful reform that extended primary education from six to nine years. Additionally, while working as the regional director of the UNESCO Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, Schiefelbien was a leading figure in the promotion of early childhood education and on the promotion and introduction of evidence-based policy formulation. Schiefelbein is the author of many influential books and hundreds of articles on education planning and finance, and education change, including Improving the Quality of Primary Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Toward the 21st Century and Unequal Schools, Unequal Chances: The Challenges to Equal Opportunity in the America. He also has worked as an education consultant for the World Bank, Inter American Development Bank, and African Development Bank.

"This year we are honored to present the alumni award to Ernesto Schiefelbein, a scholar committed to improving educational opportunity whose work has influenced education policy in developing countries across the globe," said Jay Braatz, Ed.M.'93, Ed.D.'99, chair of the Alumni Council. "He embodies the spirit and mission that HGSE instills in all students. We know that Ernesto will continue to change the lives of many children throughout the world."

HGSE first established the Alumni Council Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education in 1985 in order to recognize the significance of service to education by alumni. Each year, the Alumni Relations Office solicits nominations for the award from the alumni body. Candidates must be graduates of HGSE and have made a noteworthy contribution to education during their professional careers.


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