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Mind, Brain, and Education Named Best New Journal

In a ceremony in Washington, D.C. today, Mind, Brain, and Education, a journal founded and edited by HGSE Professor Kurt Fischer, was named the best new journal in social sciences and humanities by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) division of the Association of American Publishers.

“It’s exhilarating to receive this recognition of the quality of our new journal,” said Fischer. “The success of the journal grows out of the Mind, Brain, and Education program at HGSE; the new International Mind, Brain, and Education Society; and the scores of scientists and educators from all over the world who are building this new field. Our goal is to improve education everywhere by building a strong research foundation for teaching and learning.”

The journal, first published in April 2007 by Wiley-Blackwell and the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society, was a long-term dream turned reality for Fischer. The journal explores how brain, genetic, and cognitive processes relate to learning and development; how research and practice can inform each other in biology, cognitive science, and education; how mind, brain, and education can be taught effectively; and how education can be firmly grounded in research.

“Prior to the publication of MBE, there was no scholarly resource for this interdisciplinary work and little to no cross-citing of relevant neuroscience and education research,” said Eric Swanson, senior vice president of Wiley-Blackwell. “The launch of this journal allows us to explore a completely new and exciting field that will have a profound impact on improving education.”

Despite being less than a year old, MBE is already making an impact in the field. “In addition to the PSP award, the journal debut and a study [in the journal] demonstrating that ‘generalist’ genes are responsible for a wide range of learning disorders were reported by Newsweek, Chronicle of Higher Education, Medical News Today, and United Press International,” Fischer said. “Such research will help build a strong foundation for educational practice for all children worldwide.”



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