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Human Schools and Deeper Learning. What's the Secret?

Examining how to transform K–12 public school systems into human-centered communities

How can we transform our K–12 public school systems into more human-centered communities that support both educators and students? What are some of the innovations and changes in practice that can encourage student creativity, critical thinking, and agency? Educational experts engage in a conversation on deeper learning and engagement in schools on the latest Education Now.


  • Neema Avashia, ethnic studies coach, Boston Public Schools​
  • Jal Mehta, professor of education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Kimberly Wynne, assistant superintendent, Farmington Public Schools (CT)


Elizabeth Ross, senior writer and editor, Education Now co-producer, HGSE

Key Takeaways

  1. Education needs to put humanity at its center. 
  2. Trust, not prescription, is key to embracing humanity in education. Educators, start from an assumption of trust with your students. Principals, trust your teachers and extend trust all the way up the organizational chain.
  3. Define your core beliefs and values collaboratively with all members of your learning organization to help build a sense of trust and community.
  4. Reframe schooling from a place of care versus control.

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