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Future of Education: A New Vision for Higher Education in Indigenous Communities

An essential conversation with five indigenous scholars and education leaders as we search to bolster and secure the future of higher education for indigenous communities and deliver on the promise of education

Carmen Lopez, Ed.M.’00, executive director of College Horizons, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students succeeding in college and graduate programs, speaks on the need for institutions to honor the treaties put in place with sovereign nations as a first step in supporting indigenous communities.

Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz, Ed.D.’02, founder and principal consultant at the First Light Education Project, discusses the need for compassionate teachers with a deep love of learning in higher education and the field of education as a whole.

Diana Onco-Ingyadet, assistant director of the Native American Cultural Center at Yale University, highlights the importance of indigenous voices in all areas higher education  not only research and teaching, but also adminstrative areas like student affairs.

This event was held in conjuction with the 2020 HGSE Alumni of Color Conference.


Heather Watts, Ed.M.’19
Mohawk & Anishinaabe, Six Nations of the Grand River
Doctoral Student, University of Toronto


Tim Begaye, Ed.M.’93, Ed.M.’97, Ed.D.’04
Navajo Nation
Education and Leadership Consultant

Sadada Jackson
Natick Nipmuc
Embodied Justice Educator Consultant

Carmen Lopez, Ed.M.’00
Navajo Nation
Executive Director, College Horizons

Diana Onco-Ingyadet
Navajo, Kiowa, Comanche
Assistant Director, Native American Cultural Center, Yale University

Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz, Ed.D.’02
Navajo Nation
Founder & Principal Consultant, First Light Education Project

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About the Future of Education series:

The Future of Education is HGSE’s Centennial discussion series, meant to explore less-visible ideas and solutions, share new knowledge, and foster constructive conversation about the most important issues in education. Throughout 2020, these convenings will dig deep into critical topics and big-picture ideas, with scholars, practitioners, and thought leaders from across and beyond the education sector.

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