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Today's Ideas, Tomorrow's Impact

Through their research projects, influential partnerships, policy guidance, writings, and teachings, HGSE faculty have consistently been leaders in their field, making a transformative impact in the lives of educators, communities, and learners around the world. We've gathered a few of the exciting voices and innovative thinkers who are helping to shape the story of impact at HGSE today, bringing the school into its second century and looking toward the future of education.

Associate Professor Karen Brennan

on computational literacy in the classroom


Associate Professor Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell

on schools as organizations and the possibility of change

Assistant Professor Jarvis Givens

on the relationship of race, power, and schooling, and the origins of African American schooling

Professor Andrew Ho

on using big data to understand academic achievement in the United States

Assistant Professor Dana Charles McCoy

on the importance of teaching executive function skills

Professor Meredith Rowe

on promoting early language development in children at home

Professor Adriana Umaña-Taylor

on the ethnic-racial opportunity gap

Lecturer Christina "V" Villarreal

on how who we are affects what we know; positionality, portraiture, and praxis

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