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HGSE Across Generations

In our 100 years, faculty, students, and alums have developed relationships across generations that have stood the test of time. During Centennial, HGSE celebrated those important friendships that have offered mentoring and opportunities for the exchange of intergenerational knowledge — even long after leaving Appian Way. The following series, “CrossGen,” features education conversations highlighting how some of these important relationships were forged and have made a lasting impact on the field.

Geoffrey Canada, Ed.M.’75 and Clint Smith, Ph.D.’20 

Geoffrey Canada and Clint Smith discuss what inspired them to become teachers, educational equity, and the impact of COVID-19.

Susan Moore Johnson, Ed.D.’81, Matthew Kraft, Ed.D.’13, and Heather Peske, Ed.D.’05 

Susan Moore Johnson, Matthew Kraft, and Heather Peske share how they connected through HGSE’s Project on Next Generation of Teachers, the way research and policy can support teacher's work hard work, and the strength of HGSE relationships.

James Honan, Ed.D.’89 and Richard Reddick, Ed.D.’07

James Honan and Richard Reddick talk about mentoring, their collaboration on the Institute for Educational Management, and how HGSE has fostered generations of relationships.

Kathryn Boudett, Elizabeth City, Ed.D.’07, and Richard Murnane

Founders of HGSE’s Data Wise Project, Kathryn Boudett, Elizabeth City, and Richard Murnane, reflect on the multiple connections which bought it to scale over the last 20 years.

Eve L. Ewing, Ed.D.’16 and Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Ed.D.’72

Eve L. Ewing and Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot talk about the inheritances that have shaped their lives and life work.

Dennis Holtschneider, Ed.D.'97 and Judith Block McLaughlin, Ed.D.'83

Dennis Holtschneider and Judith Block McLaughlin exchange observations about their careers in leadership and governance, working with college presidents, and the life-long support they have received from HGSE colleagues and each other.